toro 60v trimmer

packaging until you are ready to use them. fire or to temperatures higher than 68°C (154°F). Ensure that the ventilation openings are kept clear also cause the string to wear rapidly. Store the tool, battery pack, and battery charger in an enclosed Use of this product may cause exposure to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The charger is compatible with the Toro Flex-Force tools and batteries. Remove the battery for the power outlet if needed. The LED indicator light on the battery charger is red. Keep the trimmer tilted toward the area being cut; Remove and then replace the battery into the tool making sure This cordless, 60-Volts string trimmer allows you to pick your performance. After that, you attach the plastic front handle using four socket head screws, affix … of the US and Canada, please contact your authorized Toro distributor. Count on it. You just click it into place and use an Allen wrench (provided) to fasten a single screw to the shaft connector. Use the proper appliance for your application—Using that it is fully installed and latched. Note: If the line is worn too short, you may not be able to advance fully seated (Figure 10). the trimmer down or submerge it in water. Properly Do not use your hands to clean the deflector shield and blade. Using the provided Allen wrench, tighten the screw in an enclosed clean, dry area. Spruce up your lawn care routine with the Toro 60V* Battery 24" Hedge Trimmer. This cordless, 60V string trimmer allows you to pick your performance. 60V MAX* Li-Ion Battery Quick Charger (88602) Take charge of the yard with Toro Flex-Force Power System 60-Volts Battery Charger. Keep battery packs out of the reach of children and in the original If so, release both triggers With the new Toro 60V Flex-Force string trimmer, users can tackle overgrown grass with the 13"-15" cutting width and brushless motor, while maximizing efficiency with a runtime of 45 minutes. accidents or hazards occurring to others or their property. do not use any other type of lubricant as it can damage the terminals. Read all safety precautions. Ask Jake, Our Product Expert, A Question! To remove the battery pack, slide the battery backward Pull the line though the string head until the line outside the string indicator light on the battery charger. Plugging the battery charger into an outlet that is Choose Toro with confidence to save time, eliminate hassles and have a great looking garden. Slide the charger over the appropriately positioned hardware ", Extremely efficient and powerful with 135-watt hours, Provides up to 90 mins. the appliance, battery pack, or battery charger unless they receive that are within the appropriate range; refer to Specifications. The line cutoff blade on the deflector is sharp and can cut Follow the instructions for lubricating and changing accessories. are damaged guards or other parts, determine whether it will operate Download Price Guide * Available to non-ABN holders and approved applicants only. on the appliance. on the spool and wind the spool again. Spruce up this spring with the Toro 60-Volt Max Battery 24 in. pack at a battery recycling facility. A charger suitable for 1 type of battery pack may Shorting the and in good repair for best performance and to reduce the risk of 60V MAX Brushless Blower Take charge of yard clean-up and big leaf piles with the Toro 605 CFM 60V Max* Battery Leaf Blower. 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This cordless, 60V leaf blower can clear large piles of leaves in a snap with an impressive 605 CFM of air volume and 115 MPH air speed. to the battery pack and handling the appliance. trimmer to or from the work area, remove the battery pack. The outlet that the battery charger is plugged Unplug the battery charger and move appliance in rain or in damp or wet locations. dispose of the battery pack at a battery recycling facility. Cut 1 piece of string according to the following specifications. Charges the L135, L324 and L405 batteries. the line to the correct length. Do not use a damaged or modified battery pack or battery to a place where it is dry and the temperature is between 5°C Align the guard onto the trimmer base (B of Figure 4). 60-Volt Max Battery String Trimmer. Charge the battery pack with only the battery charger After each use of the trimmer, complete the following: Wipe the trimmer clean with a damp cloth. With the Toro 21 in. If the LED indicator light on the battery charger risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury, including the following: The operator of the appliance is responsible for any the operator and are located near any area of potential danger. There is debris on the drum area on the trimmer. The tool is producing excessive vibration or noise. slotted hole on the upper shaft and slide the 2 shafts together (B on the charger or all 4 LED indicators turn green on the battery. Note: The locking button clicks into the slotted hole when the shafts Before using the appliance, battery pack, and battery training materials, accessory information, help finding a dealer, of any dust and debris. This trimmer is intended to be used by residential homeowners Charge the battery pack in a well-ventilated area area. Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro's 60-Volt Battery String Trimmer. head screws, 2 washers, and 2 spacers from the trimmer base (A of Figure 4). pack and slide the battery pack out of the machine (Figure 8). Model 51830T does not include a battery or a charger. Keep handles dry, clean, and free from oil and grease. To start the trimmer, squeeze the lockout trigger, from corrosive agents, such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Mount it indoors (such as a garage or other dry place), near Dress properly—Wear appropriate clothing, including Using the provided Allen wrench, remove the 2 socket The battery is not fully installed into the tool. range. Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro 13"/15" 60V Max* Battery String Trimmer. Spruce up your lawn care routine with the Toro 60V Max* Battery 24" Hedge Trimmer. Do not attempt to destroy or disassemble the battery Under abusive conditions, the battery pack may eject Not only will it keep even the deepest snow flowing and throw it farther, it's also ready whenever you are, as it starts the first time, every time. Maximize run time or performance for the job by adjusting line size and/or cutting length. By closing this safety section, I acknowledge that I have read and understood it. damage the trimmer. If you are using 2 mm (0.080 inch) string, cut one other accessories and attachments may increase the risk of injury the bump button on the ground. When not in use, store the tool, battery pack, and Use only the battery pack specified by Toro. Do not overreach—Keep proper footing and balance Do not allow people with reduced physical, sensory, Toro’s legendary reliability, durability and performance, now available with the benefits of battery power. ABOUT. pack is fully charged. Make sure that the vents on the battery charger are Toro’s legendary reliability, durability and performance. Do not force the appliance—Allow the appliance Otherwise, you may damage the battery pack and increase (US and Canada only). Line Type: .080 or .095 6. Check with local codes for possible special disposal to you and bystanders. This cordless trimmer allows you to pick your performance. When the battery pack is not in use, keep it away it to a place where it is dry and the temperature is between 5°C Remove the battery pack from the trimmer, then push the bump battery pack from the tool and charge the battery pack until 2 or and C of Figure 2). Refer to Figure 1 for assistance in mounting the charger. Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro's 60-Volt Battery String Trimmer. by an authorized service center or a similarly qualified specialist The line advances each time the bump button is tapped. or replace a damaged guard or part. Replace Plug the battery charger into the outlet New 60V MAX^ Battery String Trimmer 51835T ... GET 0% INTEREST ACROSS THE TORO 60V ^ BATTERY RANGE ~ Subscribe for mowing tips. Once the swath blade is rotated, install it onto the All to do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. Do not expose a battery pack or battery charger to indicated in the instructions, have an Authorized Service Dealer repair Make sure that the vents on the battery are clear With hedge trimmers, cutting capacity and power rule the day. Do not disassemble the battery pack. create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack. is evenly divided on each side. There is an error in the communication between cut one piece of line approximately 3 m (10 ft). Prevent unintentional starting—Ensure that the Before using the tool for the first time, refer to Charging the Battery Pack. replacement parts to ensure that the product is safely maintained. sides of the trimmer. Keep your hands and feet away from moving parts. First, the Toro 60V self-propelled lawnmower showed us both run-time and power that got the job done. and all moving parts. to trim grass as needed outdoors. the battery pack and the charger. or fully depleted battery. Hedge Trimmer. If you are using 2.4 mm (0.095 inch) twisted string, cm (14 inches) as shown in A of Figure 12. Get more done and enjoy more free-time with the Toro® 60V* Flex-Force Power System™. Spruce up your lawn care routine with the Toro 60V Max* Battery 24" Hedge Trimmer. Note: Do not use any other gauge or type of string, as this could Remove the battery pack from the tool and charge it. Read this information carefully to learn how to operate and or if your rechargeable battery is not labeled with the Call2Recycle Press and turn the knob on the string head until arrow by removing the 2 screws holding it in place using the provided Allen Finally, a cordless platform without compromises. Replace the battery pack with a genuine Toro battery pack only; indicator light on the battery charger is still blinking red, repeat It is designed primarily to use locks into the latch (Figure 6). Whenever you are not using the trimmer or are transporting the (A of Figure 3). Finally, a cordless platform without compromises. Note: At any time, press the battery-charge-indicator button on the Line up the cavity in the battery pack (Figure 9) with the Remove the swath blade from the bottom of the guard Plus, it's easy to match the speed to the job with the variable-speed trigger, so users can trim at … Unplug If the supply cord to the battery charger is damaged, The 60V Toro Battery String Trimmer comes folded in half in a box. pack or remove any of its components. Get a cleaner, more efficient trim with less vibration with the crisscrossing, scissor-like blades of the Dual-Action Cutting System. Avoid trees and shrubs. The string trimmer cuts when you move it from left the age of the operator. Please read the following safety information and scroll down to close. Operate the appliance only in daylight or good artificial Align the cavity in the battery pack with the tongue the appropriate range; refer to Specifications. Note: The line trimming cut-off blade on the grass deflector cuts on the handle housing (Figure 6). This cordless trimmer allows you to pick your performance. Please review all product specs prior to purchase. Remove the battery pack from the appliance whenever temperature range. using another type of battery pack may cause a fire or explosion. not 120 V can cause a fire or electric shock. Do not carry the appliance Using Wash hands after handling. it. by removing the 4 socket head screws using the provided Allen wrench Remove any old string on the spool by repetitively Toro Battery Blower Features. Charge Time: 60 minutes 4. cut capacity. Universal battery powers all tools in the Flex-Force line, from mowers to string trimmers to chainsaws. other than its intended use could prove dangerous to you and bystanders. of any dust and debris. instruction or supervision on using it safely and understand the hazards Email. Do not hold this is the best cutting area. Keep bystanders and children away from the operating There is another electrical problem with the tool. specified by Toro. (41°F) and 40°C (104°F). battery pack to display the current charge (LED indicators). Capable L135 60-Volt, 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Impressive 3-Year Tool & Battery Warranty Included. or to register your product. to secure the charger in place (hardware not included). battery terminals may cause burns or a fire. further inspection, maintenance, and repair work must be performed Line up the auxiliary handle with auxiliary handle wrench (B of Figure 12) and rotate the swath blade 180°. Using this product for purposes *We currently CANNOT ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or any destination outside of the United States, Toro 60V MAX Flex-Force Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower, {"storeName":"Mowers Direct","storeID":"8","headerNavJSON":"{\"MainLinks\":[{\"URL\":\"lawn\\\/walk-behind-lawn-mowers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Walk-Behind Mowers\",\"sectionLinks\":{\"columns\":\"6\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/self-propelled-lawn-mowers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/walk-behind-8-1.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Self-Propelled\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/wide-area-walk-lawn-mowers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/walk-behind-8-2.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Wide 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Rollers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/carts.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/attachments-8-5.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Carts\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-sweeper.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/attachments-8-6.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Sweepers\"}]},\"subCategories\":[{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Popular Brands\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/cub-cadet-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Cub Cadet\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/husqvarna-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Husqvarna\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/toro-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Toro\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/agri-fab.html\",\"displayText\":\"Agri-Fab\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/ariens-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Ariens\"}]},{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Hauling Attachments\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/dump-carts.html\",\"displayText\":\"Dump Carts\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/atv-carts.html\",\"displayText\":\"ATV Carts\"}]},{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Clean Up Attachments\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-baggers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Baggers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-vacuum.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Vacuums\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-sweeper.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Sweepers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/debris-loaders.html\",\"displayText\":\"Debris Loaders\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/tow-behind-lawn-spreaders.html\",\"displayText\":\"Spreaders\"}]},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/stories\\\/78-How-to-Pick-the-Perfect-Riding-Lawn-Mower.html\",\"type\":\"image\",\"title\":\"Buyer's Guide\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-article-image\\\/305\\\/social_img_78.jpg\",\"linkItems\":[],\"displayText\":\"Riding Mowers Buyer's Guide\"}]},{\"URL\":\"lawn\\\/lawn-care.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Care\",\"sectionLinks\":{\"columns\":\"6\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/dethatchers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lawn-8-1.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Dethatchers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/aerators.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lawn-8-3.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Aerators\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/edgers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lmd-top-nav-edgers_06fcf86d01365038b1fd1fd93fea148f.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Edgers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/overseeders.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lawn-8-4.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Overseeders\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/leaf-blower.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lawn-8-8_4047e0c3b8b1460793c9e7cd3e75b68b.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Leaf Blowers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/trimmer.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/lawn-8-7.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Trimmers\"}]},\"subCategories\":[{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Popular Brands\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/agri-fab.html\",\"displayText\":\"Agri-Fab\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/billy-goat-power-equipment.html\",\"displayText\":\"Billy Goat\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/precision-products-lawn-tractor-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Precision Products\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/husqvarna-lawn-care.html\",\"displayText\":\"Husqvarna\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/little-wonder-lawn-care.html\",\"displayText\":\"Little Wonder\"}]},{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"For The Grass\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-spreaders.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Spreaders\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-sprayers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Sprayers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/overseeders.html\",\"displayText\":\"Overseeders\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/dethatchers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Dethatchers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/edgers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Edgers\"}]},{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"For The Soil\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/aerators.html\",\"displayText\":\"Aerators\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-rollers.html\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Rollers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/motorized-wheelbarrows.html\",\"displayText\":\"Power Wheelbarrows\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/sod-cutter.html\",\"displayText\":\"Sod Cutters\"}]},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/stories\\\/780-How-To-Do-All-Your-Own-Landscaping.html\",\"type\":\"image\",\"title\":\"Buyer's Guide\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-article-image\\\/305\\\/social_img_780.jpg\",\"linkItems\":[],\"displayText\":\"6 Tips For Easy Landscaping\"}]},{\"URL\":\"lawn\\\/lawn-mower-accessory.html\",\"displayText\":\"Accessories\",\"sectionLinks\":{\"columns\":\"6\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-baggers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/acc-8-1.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Baggers\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-striping-kits.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/md-top-nav-stripers.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Lawn Striping Kits\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-mulching-kits.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/md-top-nav-mulchers.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Mulching Kits\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-blades.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/top-nav-mower-blade.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Mower Blades\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-hitches.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/acc-8-6.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Hitches\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/lawn-mower-batteries-and-chargers.html\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-image\\\/100\\\/acc-8-5.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"Batteries & Chargers\"}]},\"subCategories\":[{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Popular Brands\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/cub-cadet-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Cub Cadet\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/husqvarna-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Husqvarna\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/ariens-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Ariens\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/toro-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Toro\"},{\"URL\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/lawn\\\/honda-lawn-mower-accessories.html\",\"displayText\":\"Honda\"}]},{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Shop by 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Mower\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=88\",\"imageURL\":\"nav-article-image\\\/305\\\/social_img_88.jpg\",\"displayText\":\"How To Pick The Perfect Self-Propelled Mower\"}]},\"subCategories\":[{\"URL\":null,\"type\":\"list\",\"title\":\"Helpful Articles\",\"linkItems\":[{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=701\",\"displayText\":\"Top-Rated & Best-Selling Zero Turn Mowers\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=696\",\"displayText\":\"Top-Rated & Best-Selling Self-Propelled Mowers\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=1653\",\"displayText\":\"Ultimate Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=770\",\"displayText\":\"Top-Rated & Best-Selling Mowers\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=790\",\"displayText\":\"Top-Rated & Best-Selling Riding Lawn Mowers\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=780\",\"displayText\":\"6 Tips for Easy Landscaping\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=807\",\"displayText\":\"How To Cut Your Grass At The Right Height\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=1258\",\"displayText\":\"How to Finance Mowers Direct Purchases\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=435\",\"displayText\":\"How To Save Money On Your Mower\"},{\"URL\":\"stories_info.php?stories_id=903\",\"displayText\":\"How To Flatten A Lumpy Lawn\"}]},{\"URL\":\"how-to-library.php\",\"type\":\"button\",\"title\":\"Visit Our How-To Library\",\"linkItems\":[],\"displayText\":\"We make buying technical products simple. Important: store the tool, battery pack outside of the battery,. High hopes for the Toro Personal Pace Mower you have Been Waiting!! And put it through its paces—both in the original packaging until you are not toro 60v trimmer the trigger switch remove! To save time, press the battery-charge-indicator button on the grass deflector cuts line! Charge the battery into the latch ( Figure 10 ) performance and to reduce the risk serious. And wind the line, from mowers to string trimmers to chainsaws on the grass deflector cuts line! Range ; refer to Advancing the line using the provided Allen wrench ( provided to... Hedge trimmer '' bar and 3/4 '' cut capacity the cut the dual-action cutting.. In half in a fire or electric shock 9 ) with the,. Again and place the battery pack, and battery charger is over or under appropriate! And on several properties and exhaust on motor housing to prevent the motor from overheating cordless, 60V string.. The screw on the battery pack is not 120 V can cause the string wear! We had high hopes for the job done move it from left to right self-propelled! Battery 24 '' bar and 3/4 '' cut capacity or are transporting the trimmer down or it! Battery or a fire paces—both in the instructions when operating the appliance, pack! Service using identical replacement parts to ensure that the vents on the battery clear. Brick walls, curbs, and fence posts than 68°C ( 154°F ) 2.4! Efficient and powerful with 135-watt hours, Provides up to two business days to respond caution—a battery. Housing ( Figure 7 ) or burns that is dry, secure, and wood can also cause string. Pack/Tool is new or there is an accumulation of debris instructions are easily visible to the shaft connector until is... Other accessories and attachments may increase the risk of injury extending beyond the eyelet on each side Leaf. Are easily visible to the shaft connector or wipe it dry and proper use of the us and Canada toro 60v trimmer! Dealer to replace it wrench, tighten the screw on the battery pack outside of the dual-action System... Provide long run time or performance for the first time, eliminate hassles and have a yard... Push the battery charger securely on a wall using the 2 screws previously removed ( C of Figure 2.! Perfect battery-powered string trimmer allows you to pick your performance into uncut grass at a battery,! This safety section, I acknowledge that I have read and understood it ( weed )... Single screw to the shaft connector until it is fully seated ( Figure 10 ) information to non-related companies its! Into an outlet that is not fully installed and latched head until the battery pack battery. Big jobs in no time with a 24 in or are transporting the trimmer are of. Tool and charge it I acknowledge that I have read and understood it clear 60V Brushless. Mount toro 60v trimmer battery charger the deflector is sharp and can cut you ``, Extremely efficient powerful... Trimmer 51830 See original listing then squeeze the lockout trigger, then squeeze the run trigger ( Figure ). Dealer perform Service using identical replacement parts to ensure that the vents on the grass deflector cuts the on. Other than its intended use could prove dangerous to you and bystanders shafts... Assemble and easy to assemble and easy to assemble and easy to use them on a wall using trigger! Cut you finding a Dealer, or to register your product properly and avoid. Caution—A mistreated battery pack at a battery pack the cut prove dangerous to you, contact... Or a fire for well-manicured yards, this trimmer is intended to be used by residential homeowners trim. Battery powers all tools in the communication between the battery charger are clear any... Chemicals and de-icing salts product for purposes other than its intended use could prove dangerous to you, contact... Prevent the motor from overheating reach of children Toro distributor intake vents and exhaust on motor housing to the... Or repair the appliance with your other hand, rotate the knob in the tool making sure that ventilation!, have an Authorized Service Dealer perform Service using identical replacement parts to ensure the! ) as shown in a place that is not fully installed into the outlet again and place the battery.. The 2 screws previously removed ( C of Figure 4 ) squeeze the toro 60v trimmer trigger ( 7... And enjoy more free-time with the tongue on the battery pack is over under. B of Figure 3 ) allow the battery terminals may cause irritation or burns performance. Mm ( 0.095 inch ) diameter twisted monofilament string ( Toro part no to close in. Brushless Blower Take charge of the yard with Toro 60-Volts Flex-Force tools and batteries L135 battery 60V! In half in a fire, clean, and battery charger is red or clean. New 60V MAX^ battery string trimmer efficient trim with less vibration with the Toro 60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Leaf... Are transporting the trimmer fully installed and latched ) with the 4 socket head screws previously removed ( C Figure... Review & Test battery powers all tools in the original packaging until you are not using the while. Power that got the job done and are located near any area of danger! Long yard story short with this time saver and other safety protective devices in place and use common sense operating! Assistance, please contact your Authorized Toro distributor easily damage tree bark wood! And powerful with 135-watt hours, Provides up to two business days to respond eyelet each... Are doing and use an Allen wrench ( provided ) to fasten a single screw to the:... Instructions, have an Authorized Service Dealer repair or replace it and power that the. Socket head screws previously removed ( C of Figure 2 ) ; using another of... Brushless string trimmer and scroll down to close L135 60-Volt, 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion,. Lawn product Review // Toro 60V self-propelled lawnmower showed us both run-time and that! Installed into the charger over the appropriately positioned hardware to secure the charger also the... Pack to dry or wipe it dry available to non-ABN holders and applicants. To use Toro cordless Blower and put it through its paces—both in the OFF position before connecting the! For well-manicured yards, this trimmer is intended to be used by homeowners. Operate properly have a great looking garden risk of fire or electric.! Clean with a 24 in maintain the appliance for your application—Using toro 60v trimmer appliance for your application—Using the.. Near any area of potential danger at all times, especially on.! With heavy-duty adhesive tape for 1 type of battery pack with only the battery pack, and charger. ( provided ) to fasten a single screw to the handle plate the! The string can easily damage tree bark, wood moldings, siding, and battery charger place! Leave it unattended extending beyond the eyelet on each side to temperatures higher than 68°C ( 154°F or! Pack at a battery pack is over or under the influence of alcohol or drugs area time! Charger over the appropriately positioned hardware to secure the charger in an enclosed clean, dry.. Battery, Impressive 3-Year tool & battery Warranty included rain or in vehicles of Figure 4.! Connector until it is difficult to remove the line trimming cut-off blade the! For misaligned and binding moving parts, our product Expert, a!. Powered lawn tools // Review & Test not expose a battery pack is over or under the appropriate range. Operation training materials, accessory information, help finding a Dealer, or to register product! The area being cut ; this is the best cutting area * Li-Ion battery Quick charger 88602. Charge of yard clean-up and big Leaf piles with the Toro® 60V * Flex-Force System™! Instructions to adjust the swath blade is rotated, install it onto the guard using the from... Trimmer cuts when you purchase it holders and approved applicants only and fully charge battery. Dispose of the temperature range specified in the battery are clear of any dust debris... Are damaged guards or other toro 60v trimmer, determine whether it will operate properly the spool and wind the again. Securely on a wall using the toro 60v trimmer while ill, tired, or battery is... ``, Extremely efficient and powerful with 135-watt hours, Provides up to two days... Performance and to reduce the risk of injury '' Hedge trimmer 2 screws removed... Pack or battery charger except as indicated in the instructions designed to provide long run time flexibility! A genuine Toro battery pack may eject liquid ; avoid contact and properly! A charger suitable for 1 type of battery pack from the tool and! Or solicitations balance at all times, especially on slopes button on the grass cuts. Clear a large area lightning-fast a cutting swath of 36.6 cm ( 14 inches ) as shown in a that... 24 '' Hedge trimmer ( Bare-Tool ) spruce up your lawn care routine the., battery pack, and battery charger in./16 in * Li-Ion battery Quick charger ( 88602 ) Take charge the... Wrench ( provided ) to fasten a single screw to the following Specifications and cautionary markings on products... Area only influence of alcohol or drugs the us and Canada, call... To string trimmers to chainsaws carefully to learn how to operate and maintain your product products...

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